Mercantile Seamen Training Institute

Mercantile Seamen Training Institute Ltd. (MSTI) has been in the forefront in training Sri Lanka's professional seafarers since 1986.

MSTI operates from two purpose-built training facilities, located in capital Colombo and the picturesque port city of Galle, affording a world-class academic knowledge and practical skills for officer cadets.Training is provided for deck officer and engineering officer cadets, certificates of competency for officers, certificates of proficiency for deck engineering and catering ratings. Skills development for officers and ratings is provided through customized training.

The MSTI residential waterside training centre in Galle provides hands-on experience for trainee cadets and ratings. A combination of practical and theoretical training, on all aspects of ship maintenance and function, is provided at this facility. The centre can house 160 trainees.

The MSTI city campus in Colombo facilitates certification and competency programs for officers and ratings. This ultra-modern training centre provides the necessary skill and knowledge through theory as well as navigation and engine simulation, and ECDIS training.

Both training facilities are supported by highly qualified lecturers and technical instructors with operational ship handling experience. The scope of our courses is designed in a manner to provide for a range of professional choices, sea and shore.

MSTI is known for its tradition of producing well-rounded seafarers equipped with the confidence to meet the challenges of the profession.