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Mercmarine Training announces scholarship programme worth up to Rs. 1,000,000.00...


2nd year Anniversary celebrations of “The Maritime Standard” in Dubai...


Mercmarine signing the agreements to recruit Sri Lankan seafarers for AIDA and Costa cruise lines....


In a world that is full of career opportunities, choosing the correct one is a difficult decision and this is one of the major dilemmas facing young personality just out of school and to their parents who will be anxious to ensure the path chosen is the correct one....


MERCMARINE Training is all set to embark on their latest venture in bringing state-of-the-art maritime training facilities to Sri Lanka. As such, the institute will inaugurate a Marine engine room simulator, which is the latest version of ‘Transas’, model 5000 TECHSIM, full mission—slated to be the best and most advanced engine room simulator in the country....

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