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About Us

Global. Virtuosity. World-class Service

Shipping is our business. From ship management to ship owning, and everything in-between.

We are passionate about our people. Our stakeholders are our biggest asset. And we strive to achieve our stakeholders’ interests. We are old, but also very new. We are a unique culture; a combination of the best of the past intertwined with futuristic business strategies and multinational presence. We are Mercmarine.

We boast an illustrious and successful history through which our focus broadened to reach the expanse of the shipping industry. Today we are a group of companies - a multinational organization managing a broad portfolio of shipping related businesses. Ship owning, ship management, maritime training, crew management are our core businesses. Our success in the industry is attributable to our unique business approach - being people oriented. We strive to achieve our stakeholders’ interests through our unique business strategy; a futuristic approach complimented with industry familiarity gained over the years.

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