Mercmarine Group Of Companies.

Mercmarine corporate office, located in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is the hub of the group of companies that make up Mercmarine.

The group comprises of five sectors Ship Owning, Ship Management, Crew Management, Maritime Training and Ship Agency each specializing in specific fields of shipping complementing each other and providing a range of services under a single brand.

All companies within the group function independently. However, the corporate office functions in support of the processes in each business unit, ensuring smooth functioning of each company and thereby the entire group.

Thus, all services provided by Mercmarine are spearheaded by the corporate management through a multitude of management services which includes internal management functions, such as finance, information technology, business planning and development, internal control and corporate communications, for the entire group.

Through periodic reviewing of policies and practices of the different business components of the organization, the corporate management ensures synergy.

The corporate management is headed by the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

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